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Contoh Soal UTS/PTS B. Inggris Kelas 12 SMA/MA Semester 2 Terbaru

UTS semester 2 / Semester Genap sebentar lagi akan segera dilaksanakan, oleh karena itu sagararupa sedikit ingin berbagi contoh soal UTS/PTS berikut 
kunci jawaban Semester genap Mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 SMA dan MA.

Dan dari beberapa contoh soal yang dibagikan pada blog sagararupa bapak dan ibu guru dan juga adik – adik pelajar diseluruh indonesia bisa mendownload contoh soal tersebut pada link yang telah disediakan di akhir artikel.

Download Soal UTS/PTS B. Inggris Kelas 12 semester 2

Berikut sagararupa memberikan Soal Latihan B. Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA 

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, d, e,!


1. The Liberal Democrats and the Green party ____________ a coalition before the committee count the ballot paper.

  • a.  Had formed                                                  
  • b.  Have formed                                                            
  • c.  Have been formed
  • d.  formed
  • e   form

2. The unsuccessful candidates in the General Election congratulated the new MP after they _____________ .

  • a. Have been chose                                       
  • b. Are chose                                                     
  • c. Chose.
  • d. have chose
  • e. had been chose

3. The government promised, when they were elected, that they ____________ taxes.

  • a. Would raise                                                   
  • b. Would rose                                                    
  • c. Will not raise
  • d. would not raise
  • e. will raise

4. The company’s most valuable asset _____   their city-centre property.

  • a. Are                                                                 
  • b. Is                                                                      
  • c. Has
  • d. was
  • e. were

5. Peter is suffering from stress because of work problems and he _________________ to try meditation.

  • a. Had been advised                          
  • b. Is advised                                                      
  • c. Advices
  • d. advised
  • e. has been advised

6. Rendy __________ his lung cancer regularly.

  • a. Checks up                                                     
  • b. Is checking up                                              
  • c. To checking up
  • d. checked up
  • e. checking up

7. By this time next year, my English teacher ____________ from this job.

  • a. Will have resigned                                       
  • b. Resigns                                                           
  • c. Resigned
  • d. will resign
  • e. will be resigned

8. Most of the children in the school _____________ against polio.

  • a. Have been already vaccinated  
  • b. Have been vaccinated                             
  • c. Have already been vaccinated
  • d. have vaccinated
  • e. had vaccinated

9.The victim of the car crash ____________ to hospital where he is said by doctors to be in a critical condition.

  • a. Has taken                                                      
  • b. Took                                                                
  • c. Had been taken
  • d. has been taken
  • e. is taken

10. On April 2011, we _________________ national examination test therefore we have to prepare all the things.

  • a. Will be having                                               
  • b. Have                                                              
  • c. Have had
  • d. will have
  • e. had

11. Heart attack _________ lead us to death.

  • a. May                                                               
  • b. Might                                                              
  • c. Will
  • d. could
  • e. should

12. A white woman _____wanted to marry a black man left South Africa because of apartheid.

  • a. Whom                                                                        
  • b. That                                                                 
  • c. Who
  • d. which
  • e. where

13. Sharks are marine animals ___________________ at the top of the ocean’s food chain for million of years.

  • a. That have lived                                            
  • b. Which have lived                                         
  • c. When have lived
  • d. that lived
  • e. where have lived

14.The teacher __________ I admired is my English teacher.

  • a. Whom                                                                        
  • b. Where                                                                        
  • c. Which
  • d. who
  • e. that

15. To lead a well balanced life, you need to have other interest _________ studying.

  • a. And                                                                
  • b. Besides                                                           
  • c. On
  • d. beside
  • e. between

Untuk lebih jelasnya bisa download link dibawah ini :

1Soal UTS B. Inggris kelas 12 genapDOWNLOAD
Demikianlah informasi yang bisa kami sampaikan, mudah-mudahan dengan adanya contoh soal tersebut  para siswa akan lebih semangat lagi dalam belajar demi meraih prestasi yang lebih baik. 

Apabila ada beberapa file yang tidak bisa di download bapak/ibu Dewan Guru dan Juga adik – adik Siswa bisa bertanya lewat kolom komentar ataupun bisa menghubungi admin melalui Contact Person. Selamat belajar !

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